Day 50: Grocery Shopping, Football and a Work Event

Today marks seven weeks since this entire journey began for us. I will always remember the date August 10th. I know that one day I will stop counting the number of weeks since the seizures but as I sit here still with my head wrapped up and shoulders in slings, I will continue counting.

Even though Laura woke up at 3:00a when the alarm went off I was able to take my medication and go to the restroom by myself. That made me happy because it meant that even though Laura woke up she did not have to come over to my side of the bed.

I slipped out of bed to let Laura sleep in for a bit. It is nice that I can do more for myself now because it is making me less reliant on Laura thus allowing her more freedom.

Once Laura woke up we took Sasha for her normal morning walk. What made this morning different was that it was the first time I decided to try going for a walk without my slings on. 

Since I am anticipating not having them after Tuesday I thought it would be good to start becoming used to not wearing them in specific controlled situations. 

After taking care of breakfast, the pets and helping me slip my slings back on we went to Whole Foods. Though it sounds basic it was a big step for me, even if just a mental one. It was the first time I have run an errand like grocery shopping since everything happened.

While I know that I will likely still eat a few not-so-great-for-me foods this coming week, I am using this upcoming week as a transition week to get back to healthy eating.

I plan on tweaking my pre-injury diet to increase the number of calories I am intaking in an effort to add more weight onto my frame. As of yesterday I am still clocking in at 188.5 pounds (35 pounds lighter than I was pre-injuries) even with feeding my face with everything I can imagine that is not healthy for me.

We came home from grocery shopping and I spent the morning relaxing while watching football and my Fantasy Football team get killed.

I started working on a new Built Unstoppable article today to be published on Tuesday. As I started working through the draft I realized that it might be more helpful to break it into three individual articles over the next few weeks instead of a single longer article. As of now I am not sure which way I will lean.

I received a couple of fitness goodies today that I had ordered: Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett and a pair of compression socks

I knew the book was only available in hardcover but had not anticipated how big it is. After flipping through it I know it will become a staple reference guide for me. 

Later this week I will give the compression socks a try though I may need to return them for a smaller size especially given how much muscle mass I have lost in the last several weeks. 

Prior to heading to an event for Laura’s work I fell asleep for about an hour or so. As someone who has never consistently napped, falling asleep during the day leaves me feeling groggy. I know it is part of my body healing itself though so I do not mind dealing with the grogginess. 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Laura’s work event tonight. It was a private party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of their restaurants being opened. The food was excellent and, similar to going to Whole Foods, it was nice to feel a sense of normalcy by attending a social event like that.

It was great because it gave me another chance to thank their team for supporting us through this. Whether it be sending well wishes to cooking food for us to allowing Laura the flexibility to go back and forth between home, her entire team has been amazing to us.

We came back home and took Sasha for a walk before heating up more food that was sent home with Laura for us to have. These ready-to-heat meals have been convenient for us on nights when it would not be fun for Laura to have to cook.

I’m looking forward to resting tonight with football and a few season premiers that I have been looking forward to.

Happy Sunday!