Day 497: Another 500 Swings and Seeing the Nutcracker

Even though it was a good night of rest, Sasha and Darren (aka “the kids”) woke me up at 6:00a. Usually they let me sleep until 6:30-7:00a.  

After taking care of them it was off to the gym for my second 500 rep kettlebell workout. It was the same workout as yesterday except I jumped up the kettlebell weight by 4 kg to a total of 20 kg (44 lbs).  

Today’s workout brings my total count to 1,000 swings. Tomorrow will be a rest day before getting back to it on Monday and Tuesday. 

When I came home we headed out for breakfast before I dropped Laura off for her hair appointment. 

I wrapped another couple of Laura’s gifts while catching up on a couple of interviews on YouTube before going back to pick her up. 

I meant to use my foam roller and other mobility gear before picking up Laura but the time got away from me. I’m going to have to spend time focusing on rolling out my body tomorrow before Monday’s workout because of how tight and sore I’m getting from the workouts. 

Tonight we went up to San Francisco for dinner and to see Nutcracker performed at the War Memorial Opera House by the San Francisco Ballet. 

It is a tradition that we started last year and are planning on continuing. It is such a fun experience to get dressed up and go see the performance at such a magnificent building. They even had fake snow falling outside of the building as we walked in to help set the mood.

We have never been to see the San Francisco Symphony but that is another experience we look forward to soon.

Tomorrow we only have to go to the grocery store which means that I can spend most of the day watching football. Score.