Day 495: A Back-to-Back Thursday

Though I ended up having a few shifts in my calendar, today was a back-to-back meeting day. From 9:30a-4:00p I only had a few small breaks to refill my water, go to the bathroom or shoot off a quick note or two. 

During lunchtime we celebrated our team’s Q4 birthdays and did a Secret Santa. It was a nice chance for our team to spend time together before everyone starts taking off for the holidays. 

Since today was my rest day, I came home from work and played with my new Apple TV more, including downloading a fireplace app for Christmas morning. 

When we lived in Tiburon I would make a fire on Christmas morning before waking Laura up. However, without a fireplace here we will have to rely on an app to simulate the experience. 

Laura and I went out for our date night to a local restaurant where we’re friends with one of the bartenders. It was nice to see her before the holidays. We realized that we hadn’t been there since before Thanksgiving. 

I was planning on starting the 10,000 swings challenge on Sunday but decided to start it tomorrow. 

I’m looking forward to seeing how punishing it is once I get through the first workout of 500 swings. It is quite possible that I will barely be moving come Saturday morning. But, I’m also really looking forward to shocking my system and seeing new results with overall strength, lean mass and aerobic conditioning. 

If all goes well, it is scheduled to end approximately a month prior to my first BattleFrog Series event, which will be my first obstacle course race of the 2016 season. That will give me enough time to recover before turning my focus to ensuring that I’m prepared for the race. 

As I get ready to fall asleep, I’m really excited about not only seeing Star Wars tomorrow with my team but also going to see Nutcracker at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco on Saturday with Laura - a new yearly tradition for us.