Day 492: Getting 2016 Planning Underway

I was able to hit my sleep goal for the second night in a row. What has been even nicer is sleeping through the night without waking up.  

My body seems to go through different phases of waking me up in the middle of the night for weeks on end to then not waking me up for another few weeks. 

When I woke up my shoulders were still a bit sore. It could be residual from yesterday or could have been from the cold weather this morning. 

Today we held an all-day planning meeting during which we reviewed 2015, laid out our 2016 plans, explored how our team can become more efficient and what internal partnerships we want to improve. 

I know that my team stays very busy but today was an opportunity to see it at a high-level. I am so deeply proud of the work that they do. They are a phenomenal team and I am lucky to get to work alongside them on a daily basis. 

After the meeting we all headed out for a team dinner. It is rare that we get a chance to be together so it was fun to take a break from work. 

I didn’t have a chance to workout today but that’s okay because it will give my shoulders a chance to heal before getting back to it tomorrow. 

I’m looking forward to finishing up our meeting tomorrow and then turning my attention to some admin work that I have to get processed.  

We are now t-minus four days before the new Star Wars movie comes out. While I’m not fanatical about it, I am excited to go see it on Friday. I’ll be seeing it with my colleagues and friends at work and then Laura and I will are going to see it at some point after opening weekend.