Day 486: Celebrating My Birthday

Before falling asleep last night Laura gave me my birthday presents since it was already past midnight on the East coast. 

It was very sweet of her to get me the new Apple TV, Call of Duty Black Ops III and a new Burberry button-down. She’s always so great at picking out both things that I have said that I want and also other gifts that I wouldn’t have thought of to mention. 

It was another night of getting under 6 hours of sleep. I haven’t been as proactive this round at the timing of dinner based on when I want to go to sleep since I have to stop eating two hours before taking my chemo. 

When I woke up I already had around 100 people who wished me happy birthday on Facebook. It was so nice to take a few minutes to read all of the great messages that people had left. 

Many of the messages included something about the journey that we’ve been on and how they’ve been inspired by it. I deeply appreciate every message like that and am glad that we have been able to turn a horrific incident into something that can be helpful. 

I feel fortunate to be here after going through everything that we have in the past 16 months. 

As usual for Tuesdays, it was a busy day of back-to-back meetings but we did take a break at lunchtime to celebrate my birthday. My team had gotten cupcakes, banana pudding and a s’mores waffle (yes, it was insanely good). 

I had originally planned on working out tonight but decided that I wanted to spend more time hanging out with Laura. She left work earlier than normal so that she could cook homemade chicken parmesan for my birthday dinner.   

Usually we go out to dinner on my birthday but since I’m on chemo this week we can’t enjoy a celebratory bottle of champagne or wine therefore she cooked a wonderful dinner. We’re going to go out to a nice dinner on Saturday night to celebrate. 

Of course, as the best laid plans go, we both hit terrible traffic coming home, getting home later than we usually do.  

We still had a great night with a delicious meal and I spent some time enjoying my birthday gifts though I plan on having more fun with Call of Duty Black Ops III and the Apple TV this weekend.