Day 481: Preparing for the 10th Round of Chemo

I have been sleeping really well since getting back home. Not only is it nice being back in our own bed but we’ve also had the windows closed thus shutting out the traffic that we had to deal with hearing all Summer long.  

When I woke up I was surprised that my legs weren’t sore from yesterday’s rowing session. My quads were completely locked up when I had finished my row so I was curious to see if I would wake up sore. 

After two days of non-stop back-to-back meetings, it was nice to not have any meetings scheduled until this afternoon. It gave me a chance to finally start getting caught up and work on tackling the admin work that had been piling up. 

Tonight was my rest day from working out so I was able to shoot straight home and relax for a bit before Laura came home from work. Once she got home we headed out for our typical Thursday date night. 

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day in San Francisco. I have to start out with an MRI followed by a check in with our neuro-oncologist. Once I finish with that appointment then I have to get my Day 28 blood work. On my way out I am going to pick up my chemo meds directly from the pharmacy instead of having them ship them. 

Assuming we get the thumbs up to move forward, Sunday or Monday will start our tenth round on chemo.  

It’s crazy to look back and realize that we have made it through 75% of the way through the chemo. When we had started it, the thought of being on chemo for a full year was completely frightening. 

Thus far it hasn’t been as bad as it could have been and I feel fortunate for that. Now we just have to stay focused on finishing out the final three rounds.