Day 476: Christmas Tree Day

When I woke up this morning my back and triceps were already sore from yesterday’s workout. 

Originally I planned on waking up and going to the gym but, unfortunately, by the time I woke up it was too late to get there and back before we went to pick out my in-laws’ Christmas tree. 

In previous years it took us hours to find the perfect Christmas tree and then get it into the house. This year we managed to get to the tree farm, pick out the tree, get it back and into the house in under 1.5 hours - a near miracle especially considering that the weather quickly degraded and began pouring right after getting the tree inside. 

Throughout the day we had family and friends arriving at the house to hang out for the day including a big dinner tonight. It was our last chance to see the majority of people before we leave on Monday since tomorrow is going to be a low key day at the house. 

Several times the topic of everything we’ve been through over the past year came up. It’s something that I’m used to now whenever I see anyone that I haven’t seen in a while. 

However, I still firmly believe that we didn’t and haven’t accomplished anything different than anyone else in our position could have accomplished.  

My grandparents came down to spend the day with everyone which was really nice. 

Though we had gotten a chance to see them in August when we were here, my grandfather had been admitted into the hospital the night before they were supposed to come down for a BBQ. We had driven up to go see them the morning of the BBQ while he was still in the hospital. 

It was really good to spend time talking with them and having them here with everyone. So that they could stay for longer since they can’t drive late at night we got them a hotel room in town for the night. 

Tonight we celebrated my birthday with everyone as we do every year since we’re always back in California before my birthday. 

After helping my grandparents get settled at their hotel I came back to the house and hung out with my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and a close family friend for late night laughs and stories. 

Tomorrow I’m planning on getting in my chest and biceps lifting session before we spend time adding the ornaments to the Christmas tree.