Day 474: Happy Thanksgiving 2015

With 450+ days of daily writing under my belt, it is interesting to go back and read my updates from a year ago. 

This time last year we were only 3.5 months separated from my initial seizures and 2.5 months separated from my brain surgery. It had been a miracle that we were able to make it out to CT since we were unsure if we’d be able to make the trip due to all of the medical issues. 

Now that it has been more than a year since my seizures, we are very thankful for where I am with my recovery.  

In the past year I have accomplished a 5K race, a Spartan Race, the 49ers obstacle course race and a GORUCK Light event. I have already signed up for several races next year to continue pushing my body and to reach new goals. 

Since last Thanksgiving we have also successfully gone through nine rounds of chemo with only three rounds left. 

I am thankful for a healthy and amazing family including a beautiful niece, wonderful and caring friends and a great medical team. 

It was a day filled with laughing, food, telling stories, watching football and enjoying each other’s company - exactly what Thanksgiving should be about. 

I took today off from the working out since it was my rest day and we started running at full speed as soon as we woke up. 

Tomorrow it will be right back to the gym for a back and triceps workout. 

We may decorate the house for Christmas based on how everyone is feeling or may save it for Saturday. 

As we wind down another Thanksgiving, thank YOU for supporting us every step of the way. It still amazes me how everyone came together to support us during those initial weeks and months. It is something that we’ll never forget.