Day 47: The Start of a New Chapter

I woke up several times throughout the night, often popping straight up intent on getting up myself. One time I managed to get myself back into bed without even waking Laura up. I am not sure why I kept waking up like that since it threw off my pain medications. 

We woke up early so that Laura could take her mom to the airport transport service. It was a heavy morning around here with many tears. 

When Laura returned home we realized that today was the first time that we’ve been home alone since the night I had the initial seizure. That was a scary realization.

Though I never had a seizure before that night and I have not had any seizures since, it was still initially nerve-wrecking to think about being home alone.

With Laura's office move now pushed out another week it will be 1.5 weeks home alone during the day. Laura will still come home for lunch and to take me to my various appointments but otherwise I will be alone throughout the day.

I decided to push out my short-term pain medications to one every five hours this morning. I initially thought it might be too fast doing that since I cut the long-term pain medications completely yesterday. But, then later in the day, I accidentally went six hours in between dosages. I guess it wasn’t too long or too fast!

As I was processing my inbox I decided to go through my account and unsubscribe from a few hundred subscriptions today. I look at the email every day but never unsubscribe from any of the newsletters.

Once I finished that task I called a health advocacy firm that work uses to handle medical documentation and tracking for us. I wish I would had known about this service earlier since we have been tracking everything down ourselves but it is still good to have the additional resources available to us.

I chatted with Lisa Johnson for an hour today about pilates. Among the various fitness/exercise styles available, pilates is probably the one that I did not have the deepest of understandings.

After jumping off with Lisa, I talked with my grandparents for a while. They are so concerned about being there for us that they are planning on coming out here from October 28-31 to visit with us. That will be the first time that they visit us since moving to California.

Wearing a zip-up hoodie worked well last night at dinner, much better than a t-shirt did last Saturday so I decided to wear a zip-up hoodie this morning. It was the first time in seven weeks that I have worn a shirt during the day. A little celebration ensued.

It is the little things. Always. I have always believed that. And it has never been more true than now.

I managed to slip off my slings without help and take off my hoodie once I became warm. It was interesting using an extended back scratcher to help the hoodie off of my shoulders and then using my hands to pull it off. When you are alone you are forced to become resourceful.

With my slings off I did a single set of 15 squats with my hands on the kitchen counter to help increase range of motion. I was hoping for 2-3 sets but after a single set my shoulders were shot. 

This is an exercise that my physical therapist encouraged me to start doing yesterday to compliment what we are doing during my physical therapy sessions. The physical therapist did not give me a certain number of sets or rep range so hopefully 15 reps is not too bad for the first time.

After finishing the squats I realized that I could not get my slings back on without help so I spent about an hour or so without my slings on. My shoulder surgeon had recommended doing more of that so I figured it was ok.

With my slings off I discovered some black, blue and green bruising on the inside of both wrists, with my left wrist being more pronounced and larger. It does not hurt to touch but is a bit concerning.

I finished working on an initial pass of my diet and supplementation plan. As I mentioned before, it will remain basically the same. The only real changes are removing two supplements and adding eight new ones. 

While that sounds like a lot, one of the changes that I am making is moving from a fat burner to a combination of vitamins that will help stimulate fat loss. 

I will also be switching from fasted early morning workouts (4:45a wake time) to early evening workouts with protein in my system prior to working out. This will enable me to get more restful sleep at night and try working out with protein in my system instead of in a fasted state. 

I listened to a great The Bulletproof Executive podcast with Dave Asprey and Kelly Starrett. I highly recommend watching the video instead of only listening to the audio. 

I am thinking of hiring Kelly’s team for a movement and mobility consultation in the coming weeks. It’s not expensive considering how much I am already spending on my health and fitness (both previously and currently).

After watching the podcast I finished the last couple of chapters from The Four Hour Body (again) with a few new tips and thoughts. Immediately after finishing The Four Hour Body I downloaded Spartan Up! and started reading through that.

It has been nice spending time reading again. Over the last six weeks I wasn't able to hold a tablet or Kindle thus making it impossible. Finally I can read books since holding my tablet is not hard anymore.

I could have read on my phone or laptop but neither is an ideal experience for me. I could have listened to audio books but with my mother-in-law around, that was hard. 

We ordered from Munchery again. I have always loved what on-demand services offer in terms of convenience though I never understood food delivery services. Until now. Munchery has been amazing. 

We also have Good Eggs and Waiters on Wheels to use soon but we have really been enjoying the convenience of Munchery.

Laura is going through the house vacuuming which will be a new every other night routine for the next couple weeks due to Sasha getting fleas. 

As I sit here tonight I have started crystallizing more of my thinking on where I want to take Built Unstoppable in the months and years to come. While I had initial ideas last week, those ideas were more products or features but not the underlying core of what I wanted. I think I have that now.

One final thought: I have been writing between 350-1,000 words per day for the last 47 days straight. Most courses that are offered online encourage you to write 500 hundred words for 30 days straight to commit writing as a habit. Every time I saw a course like that I would think that it could never be done.