Day 469: Filling a Shoebox with Holiday Cheer

When I woke up this morning and Laura told me that it was nearly 10:00a, I was in shock. I had slept for 11 hours. It is, by far, the longest I had slept in a very long time. 

The afternoon was taken up with running errands and helping my father-in-law help with raking/moving leaves after he had blown them into piles.  

We finished prepping the sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving so that we could check one thing off of the to-do list. There are many things left to prep between now and Wednesday night. 

With approximately 18 people coming over for dinner, there is a lot of work that goes into pulling dinner off. It is usually Laura, my mother-in-law and I who do most of the prep work leading up to Thursday including the umpteen visits to the grocery stores. 

Tonight we went to Walmart to fill shoeboxes as a donation to underprivileged children. I chose a 2-4 year old boy. 

It was a lot of fun walking through the store finding things ranging from a Minion stuffed animal to toy cars to coloring books and a whole lot more. 

During the holidays, in addition to the other charitable activities that we participate in throughout the year, Laura and I donate to several other causes as well. It was really nice that Laura’s parents had planned to do this because it gave us another opportunity to give back. 

Though I had wanted to, I didn’t make it to the gym today. I’ll be back at it tomorrow with a chest and biceps workout. 

It would have been nice to workout today but it is also good to give my body an extended break every once in a while.