Day 468: And We’re Back in Connecticut

I was able to sleep decently well on the flight to Newark but sleeping on an airplane in coach is still not my idea of getting a good night’s rest. 

It ended up taking us around 4 hours to get up to Connecticut from EWR due to rush hour traffic in New Jersey and New York. 

It was really nice to get to my in-laws’ home and get to just relax. We knew that today would be a lazy day since we would both be dragging from the red-eye and that’s exactly what I ended up doing. 

After we ran out to pick up stuff for lunch and dinner today, Laura and her mom ran out for more errands and to spend time together. 

While they were gone I tried to spend time reading “The Emperor of Sound: A Memoir” which is Timbaland’s autobiography which was just released this week. 

I have two other books going right now but when my buddy told me that Timbaland had published his autobiography, I jumped right on it. 

Trying to read when you’re exhausted from a red-eye followed by a long multi-hour drive is a quick way to fall asleep, something that I was trying to avoid. 

As I started to head-nod I decided that I’d spend more time reading throughout this week so I just watched TV for a bit. 

I had really wanted to try getting a workout in but I didn’t have an opportunity to and don’t think it would have been a strong effort anyway. 

I had tried working out the morning after coming off the red-eye back in August and it ended up being basically worthless. 

I realized that I completely spaced on getting my Day 21 blood work done yesterday before flying out to the East coast. 

It shouldn’t be a big deal but will be something that I’ll need to talk to UCSF about on Monday so that we can properly adjust the schedule moving forward.