Day 461: Conquering a 6,000 Meter Row

With no meetings scheduled and working from home today, I started work earlier than usual and was able to bang through a ton of work. 

What’s nice about Fridays is that I also, typically, catch up on anything around the house that I haven’t been able to tackle during the week as well. 

Sadly, the mid-afternoon brought news of the horrific acts of terror in Paris. 

What brought me joy was seeing how the world community came together to show their support for Paris. It reminded me of how everyone came together in the days and weeks following September 11th. 

I headed to the gym for what was supposed to be a light workout to help loosen up my legs prior to tomorrow but then I got on the rowing machine. 

At first I had only planned on doing a light 2,000 meter row without going for a specific time. but then the display showed the estimated distance I would go if I went for 30 minutes. 

The display showed that I would go between 6,100-6,300 meters in 30 minutes, farther than I have ever gone on a rowing machine. 

In 28:43 I conquered the 6,000 meter row followed by collapsing for a few minutes before moving on to three sets of 15 reps of sit-ups on an exercise ball with a 10 lb medicine ball. 

I didn’t want to go hard on my core but I’m figuring that there will be some core work tomorrow so I wanted to be prepared. 

I have my pack all set up for tomorrow. Before leaving I just have to get a few last-minute items together such as filling my hydration bladder, making my pre-workout drink, etc. 

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. It’ll be nice to just be outside for the majority of the day, never mind the fun of the event.  

Laura is planning on running all of our errands tomorrow while I’m gone so that we can make Sunday a fun date day.