Day 460: Meeting Woz

I was able to hit a 7-day streak with last night’s 7 hours of sleep. It’s the longest streak that I’ve accomplished in a long time which makes me really happy. 

Though my shoulders were sore yesterday morning, this morning they weren’t sore at all. 

I only had a couple of meetings today but the day quickly filled itself with a lot of other busy work that needed to get done. 

We had an event going on in our conference center today which Steve Wozniak was participating in. 

I had the honor of meeting and talking to him for 15 minutes or so before he started the event. He is just as sweet and kind of a guy as every book or article says he is.   

While waiting for Laura to get home from work I watched the Golden State Warriors advance to 10-0 on the season. It is so much fun watching them play. 

We enjoyed a great dinner out for our date night. Three of the bartenders that we know were all working which made for a fun evening. 

Tomorrow will be nice to work from home with no scheduled meetings thus allowing me time to put my head down and crank through a lot of work that needs to get done. 

It has been hard to get a lot of work done due to meetings and other things that have popped up during the week so tomorrow is much needed. 

I’m looking forward to getting in a light cardio workout tomorrow before my GORUCK Light on Saturday - just enough to ensure that my body isn’t stiff.