Day 459: Lunch and Dinner with Friends

With how cold it was supposed to be last night, we finally closed the bedroom window thus allowing us to not only block out a majority of the street noise but also completely close the blinds. 

When my alarm went off this morning I thought it was the middle of the night because of how quiet and dark it was in our room. 

I could already feel my shoulders getting sore after yesterday’s lifting session.  

My morning started off with a breakfast meeting with one of the vendors that we have developed a deep partnership with. 

After a couple of meetings, Clay Hebert, a good friend of mine, stopped by our campus for lunch while he was in town before he flew back home to San Diego. 

If you have ever thought about crowdfunding a product, book or other idea that you have, Clay is the expert that you reach out to so that your launch is successful. 

It was great getting to spend some time catching up with him since we haven’t had a chance to hang out since around February. 

The rest of the afternoon was fairly normal. I had a quick meeting and spent time trying to get through some admin work. 

I was fortunate enough to finish my day off with a dinner with Christopher Penn

Chris is the smartest person that I have the honor of knowing. I always learn something when I have time to spend time with him. 

I will forever feel indebted to him (and everyone that donated) for launching a CrowdRise campaign the morning after I went into the hospital to help pay for our medical bills. 

Tonight and tomorrow will be rest days from the gym to give my body a chance to repair itself before my GORUCK Light challenge on Saturday.