Day 452: It’s About the Little Things

I’ll be happy when I can get back to sleeping through the night but while I’m on chemo I usually end up waking up several times. Two nights ago I woke up four times. Last night it was three times. 

Other than that, though, I felt good when I woke up. I didn’t feel as fatigued as I did earlier this week and had no dizziness or other effects. 

I only had two meetings today but one of them was a six hour workshop so I didn’t get much else done during the day. Because of the workshop tomorrow is going to be packed with meetings all day much like Tuesday was. 

When I left for work this morning I threw my GORUCK rucksack into the trunk unsure whether I’d use it at the gym.  

Well, when I pulled into the gym I decided that since I had brought it, I would challenge myself to climb 100 flights of stairs with the 25 lb rucksack on. 

Though I nearly died, I was able to climb all 100 flights in 21:30. I was impressed that I accomplished it and in how fast I was able to do it. 

My body was barely functioning by the time I finished but I wanted to ensure that I got a bit of core work in. Instead of a full workout, I did the following: 

  • Reverse Crunch - 3 x 20 reps
  • Standing Oblique Twist - 4 x 12 reps (10 lb plate)

At that point my body tapped out and I needed to get home anyway. 

On my way home I had to stop to pick my anti-seizure medications and an over-the-counter medicine that I have to take during the week of chemo. 

I realized that the bottle that I bought tonight will be the last bottle that I will have to buy between now and the end of my chemo. 

I have always believed that it’s all about the little things and this was a great little gem to realize today. It means that we’re one step closer to moving forward with the next chapter.