Day 45: Fitness and Fleas

Throughout the overnight I was able to maintain one pill every four hours, instead of the two every four hours that I had previously been taking. Another night down. Another win for me coming off of the pain medications.

I’ll keep my short-term pain medications to one every four hours for the next week before pushing it out to one every five hours then one every six hours then one every twelve.

I started the morning with having to reach out to our short-term disability team, insurance company and to the State of California regarding our short-term disability payments. I am on PTO through the end of this week so needed to ensure that everything would start smoothly next week.

I started working on the beginnings of a podcast (possibly one of two) for Built Unstoppable. The first will be me reading my daily updates. This brings a new media form to the website plus allows everyone to hear my voice...something that friends have all commented they have enjoyed.

To help box in my anxiousness regarding getting back to working out and eating healthy, I focused my morning efforts on fitness.

After doing research on Kelly Starrett, a sports performance expert, I ordered a copy of his book, Becoming a Supple Leopard. It was only published in hardcover so I’m looking forward to receiving it later this week.

While waiting for the book to arrive, I listened to a Tim Ferriss podcast that included Kelly and both Tim’s and Kelly’s personal doctor, Dr. Justin Mager. 

Conveniently Dr. Mager’s office is approximately 10 minutes from my house so a phone call later and I have a consultation with him in two weeks to see how he may be able to assist me.

I spent time chatting with Chris Brogan on similar topics. It’s always nice having the support of friends.

I had already scheduled an intro Skype call with a pilates instructor for later this week. Today I reached out to Nicole D’Alonzo to school me on different forms of yoga and meditation - two areas that she has devoted a lot of her focus to.

I started working through my workout plan, at least until I meet with Nicole, Lisa (pilates instructor), Dr. Mager and others. 

It will consist of three full body resistance band/exercise ball workouts per week, yoga and potentially pilates. I will be adding more dynamic stretching and breathing at both the start and end of my workouts, thanks to the information I’m looking forward to extracting from Kelly’s book.

We went for a bit of longer walks today. Nothing too crazy because of Sasha's back legs but at least it was a bit further each trip. If it were left up to me, I’d be able to walk for a while but not with the pup.

This afternoon I started reading The Four Hour Body for the third (or maybe fourth?) time. It’s great to pick up a book that I have previously read but devouring it with a fresh perspective.

It’s interesting because I recall listening to the podcast and I have read The Four Hour Body several times over the years but it was always done from a “traditional” bodybuilding mindset (heavy weights, high protein, workout supplements). Therefore I was always predisposed to view any advice through that lens instead of how I could rebuild myself by incorporating other forms of fitness, specific types/levels of vitamins and more.

I finally tried shaving for the first time. Laura has had to shave my face. It’s been hard for her and has been something that we’ve only done a few times since everything happened. For the first time in six weeks I am clean shaven again!

I published a new article on Built Unstoppable so check that out if you haven't already - it is getting great feedback.

It always amazes me how the “unfinished” feeling articles are the ones that do better than the ones that I pour hours into.

I spent time talking with my mother-in-law which is something that we don’t get to do often. Even though we have spent a lot of time together over the last six weeks, it was nice to sit there and just chat for a while.

To give myself a break from the fitness related content, I cracked open another book, Shrinkage: Manhood, Marriage, and the Tumor That Tried to Kill Me, that several people have either recommended or sent me.

Laura had a stressful day at work which carried over at home when she had to take Sasha to the vet. Over the last few weeks Sasha has been dealing with extreme scratching throughout the day. We tried giving her a bath and that didn’t fix it. 

Well wouldn’t you know, Sasha has fleas. The first time she’s gotten them in her nearly 10 year life but she had to get them in the middle of all of this. That has kept Laura and her mom on a cleaning spree throughout our place tonight, which I know is not what Laura had in mind after a long day at the office.

As I wind down for the night, I’m thinking about what and when the first non-medical articles and photos that I'll share will be. It sounds odd.

Over the last six weeks I haven't wanted to mix medical updates with marketing, fitness or productivity articles. I've refrained from sharing articles or, for the most part, engaging with others on articles that they've shared. 

As we turn the next corner of my recovery, this is something that I'm thinking through - the right timing, the proper content and more. I’m probably overthinking it but at the same time, I want it to “feel” right for those that engage with me.