Day 446: Pranks and Halloween Fun

When I went to get out of bed this morning I immediately felt the 95 flights of stairs from yesterday and my calves workout from Tuesday. 

It took longer than usual to get my blood work done this morning but I was still able to get it taken care of. I will hear back tomorrow if I have the green light to start my next round on Sunday.  

So far we haven’t had a round be delayed due to unbalances in any of my levels but we never know until I get that final call before starting the next round. 

I only had a couple of meetings this morning thus leaving me time to focus on budget planning, catching up on my inbox and working through a few contracts for next year. 

A few of us decided to prank one of our friends and colleagues who is attending a conference by using caution tape to create a barrier and then filling his cubicle with balloons. 

We did a couple of other things to his cubicle as well but he’ll need to find those on Monday when he gets back into the office. 

I wasn’t planning on wearing a Halloween costume for today’s party on our floor but one of our team members brought in extra costumes. After losing a small bet I ended up dressing up as Fred Flintstone. 

Everyone got a good laugh out of it including Laura when I texted her a photo. I didn’t win the costume contest but it was a fun afternoon at work. 

Tonight was my much needed rest day from the gym. My body needed the day of rest before heading into a back lifting session tomorrow. 

When Laura came home we went out for a nice dinner together while watching the New England Patriots remain undefeated and helping me have a good start to my fantasy week.