Day 439: A Well Earned Rest Day

Since I wasn’t heading in to my office this morning I was able to sleep without an alarm which helped me to sleep in an extra 45 minutes before Laura’s alarm went off. That extra 45 minutes helped me to get 7.5 hours of sleep, even with waking up two times last night again. 

Though I didn’t have many meetings today, they were spread out throughout the day. I used the time between meetings as sprints to push through a lot of work. 

Thursdays are my typical rest day so I didn’t go to the gym but I did take time to use both my TriggerPoint GRID and Supernova. My lower and upper back as well as my shoulders have been sore so I targeted those three areas tonight. 

As I was using both tools I could hear and feel all sorts of stuff popping in my back. Whenever I use the Supernova it is painful while using it, usually causing me to catch my breath, but feels amazing when I’m done. 

I took time to watch a few MobilityWOD videos and learned a few new mobility movements to try soon. I am a couple of weeks behind on videos so I was happy to starting getting caught up. 

When Laura came home we went out for our Thursday date night. It was nice to spend time with her after a busy week with Adrian leaving to everything going on at work. 

Tomorrow I have to go for my Day 21 blood work. Assuming everything checks out fine then I will receive my ninth round of chemo mid-week next week and will start the ninth round one week from Sunday.