Day 435: Going to the Football Game

Last night’s 8 hours of sleep earned me a 3-day streak. Part of this has been walking a lot (10,000+ steps/day) and waking up without an alarm. I have been falling asleep a bit later than usual so it wasn’t from going to bed earlier. 

I was sore after the past two elliptical sessions so I decided to take today off from the gym. Fortunately it wasn’t pain in my ankles, it was just normal soreness that I could’ve probably avoided had I used my foam roller over the past few days. 

I use Sunday as a flexible day - if I’m feeling sore or trying to heal up then I will usually take the day off but if I’m behind for the week or want to get an extra workout in then I will head to the gym. 

We went for a full breakfast at a restaurant that we’ve been wanting to try for a few weeks. Every time we’ve walked by there in the morning there has always been a long line so we knew it had to be good. 

It has been a few months since I last had a full breakfast with pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc. It was delicious and a great way to start out our Sunday. 

Following breakfast we went to Levi’s Stadium for the 49ers-Ravens game. It was an exciting and close game filled with a few big plays that had everyone cheering. 

Adrian typically comes out every year around this time but we’re not able to make it to any sporting events because the teams always seem to be on the road. 

I was really happy when I realized that the 49ers would be playing at home and am glad that we were able to go. 

We spent the rest of the evening watching the Patriots-Colts game and just relaxing.  

Tomorrow will be Adrian’s last full day here. Since we passed on Laura’s homemade mac and cheese, that’s in the plans for tomorrow but other than that, I’m not sure what else we’re going to do yet besides me having to do work throughout the day.