Day 433: Surpassing 16,000 Steps for a Friday

After such a late night the previous night I was happy to fall asleep by around 10:00p including reading for 15-20 minutes beforehand. 

When I woke up I headed over to the gym for a quick 20 minute elliptical session. I had originally planned on either doing the Spartan WOD or a longer elliptical session but wanted to make sure I got back home before Laura left and Adrian woke up. 

The last PR I remember setting on the elliptical before my injuries was 4,000 strides in 20 minutes which I easily broke today at 4,200 strides. 

Though I use the elliptical often because it relieves the stress on my ankles and shins, I typically use a different brand elliptical than the one that I used to use at my old gym. However, today I used the same brand and model elliptical that I used to use so it made it easier to track against my previous PR.  

It is possible that I had a higher PR but that was the last one that I remember. 

My shoulders felt good before and during my workout. My left shoulder wasn’t sore anymore and I didn’t feel any of that deep pain that I felt earlier in the week. 

I knocked out a couple hours worth of work while Adrian and I hung out at home watching a bunch of content that he had queued up on Hulu and YouTube.  

Once we finished with that we walked over to a local pizza spot for lunch. It is mine and Laura’s favorite place for pizza and it was fun to eat in there. 

Because it was such a beautiful day we went for the same 3.5 mile walk up Communications Hill that Laura and I typically do on Sundays.  

It was a nice way spending a bit of time mid-Friday afternoon and was a chance for Adrian to see the gorgeous views from the top of Communications Hill. 

When we got back home I banged out some more work to bring my work week to a close. 

We waited for Laura to get home and then headed out for a fun dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. 

With the cardio session this morning, the Communications Hill walk and taking Sasha for her walks, I should close out this Friday at around 16,000 steps - much higher than normal for a Friday. 

Tomorrow we’re planning on driving down to Monterey Bay and Carmel since Adrian has never been down that way during any of his visits.