Day 432: Donuts, Work and A Fun Day

We stayed up until midnight catching up which is 1.5-2 hours later than I’m used to staying up. I knew I would be tired when I woke up but it was still worth it.

Today was my rest day from the gym but for the next few days I will workout in the morning before my friend wakes up. 

I tackled a bunch of work early while Laura was getting ready and Adrian was still sleeping. I kept working for a bit once Adrian woke up before we left for breakfast. 

We went to a local donut shop and then sat outside to enjoy our breakfast. 

When we came back home I took time to check in with my team and work on securing and scheduling a few upcoming social education webinars for our internal teams. 

Mid-day I had a headache probably from not getting enough sleep. I have had several headaches over the past month.  

I’m not worried about it because I have either had them at the end of a busy work day, after a hard workout or when I haven’t gotten enough sleep. However, it is something that I plan on mentioning to our neuro-oncologist since it is a change since our last visit. 

We ended up going out for a late lunch of apps and a couple of beers since neither of us were starving but didn’t want to wait until dinner. 

Tomorrow will be another mix of work and play before the weekend sets in. We’re planning on heading down to Monterey Bay and Carmel on Saturday which will be really fun.