Day 43: Becoming Twitchy

After publishing my journal entry last night I stumbled upon the “On the Run” HBO special which was nice to watch for a bit before bed. With everything going on, it had completely slipped my mind that it was on.

As I settled in to fall asleep my shoulders were sore from all of yesterday’s activity but the output was far greater than the soreness.

I slept well last night with the exception of 3:15-4:15a and then after 6:00a or so once Sasha, Darren and my mother-in-law started wrestling awake. 

I used those times that I was awake to add a bit more depth to the Built Unstoppable articles that I mentioned I was working on. I also jotted down quick thoughts for what the next 6 months of Built Unstoppable will be.

While I have been strict about not wanting to transform Built Unstoppable into a marketing blog, I do want to continue evolving the website. In the coming six months look for additions such as audio inclusion, sharing others’ recoveries and other sections that will help to not only share my story but bring awareness and resources to those fighting their own battles, especially those with brain tumors.

Like yesterday morning, I slipped out of bed so that Laura could sleep a bit longer after how long of a week she has had. The only trouble that I had was wiggling my basketball shorts back on which caused a bit of pain to shoot through my shoulders.

Upon waking up we realized that we had miscounted my pain pills. Though it should be simple, it took a bit of back and forth with the hospital to get more medication prescribed. Fortunately I have enough pain medications for overnight but wouldn’t have enough once I wake up in the morning since my first dosage is at 8:15a…before the doctor’s office is open.

Speaking of pain medications, yesterday we wound down from two pain pills every four hours since the brain surgery back to what we were doing post-shoulder surgery of two pain pills at 8:15p, 12:15a and 4:15a while using only one pill at 8:15a, 12:15p and 4:15p. 

Today I’m trying to only take one pill at every dosing time to see how I do. If that works, that will be the first time through this entire ordeal that I have been able to do that. If that works then over the next couple of weeks I’ll start expanding the length of time from four hours up to six hours.

Much like yesterday, I did not go for a walk with Sasha and my mother-in-law at all today. Instead I opted to relax while watching NFL and keeping an eye on my Fantasy Football team.

Maybe it was going out on a date with Laura last night or getting closer to heading back to work but I started to get increasingly twitchy this weekend with it really starting to ramp up today. I know that I need to keep that under control, at least for a few more weeks or so. It has been a challenge today though. I want to rebuild my fitness schedule, eating plan, my Ideal Week and everything else that is part of fitness and productivity with both work and home.

Since Laura’s mom is preparing to leave on Thursday, Laura and I talked about taking her up to her favorite winery and restaurant in Sonoma/Napa today as a thank you. I really wanted the two of them to spend some quality time together and I didn’t think my shoulders could handle two outings in 24 hours, so they took off for the afternoon. 

Without my mother-in-law I’m not sure we would have made it through the first weeks of all of this. It has been very helpful to have her here to support Laura, whether it has been in helping me during the workday, taking Laura’s mind off of everything at night or any of the other support that she’s provided. 

A trip up to Sonoma/Napa today is a perfect way to say thank you for all of that.

With them gone for a few hours, I hung out with Sasha and Darren while talking with one of my best friends over text. I realized that the last time we had talked was the night before my brain surgery. Fortunately the reason why he hadn't reached out since was because he has been reading the website to get his updates.

I am going to continue relaxing into the evening watching football and then crash for the night. I’m hoping to fall asleep a bit earlier tonight since we tackled so much yesterday, much of which I continued today such as going to the restroom and eating by myself.

Happy Sunday!