Day 427: A Day of Binge Watching TV

I was able to sleep in an extra 40 minutes this morning before Sasha and Darren woke me up. According to the UP app, that usually translates into an additional 750 steps for the day. An interesting stat that I wasn’t aware of and who knows how accurate it is.

I went over to the gym for an elliptical cardio session. I tackled 30 minutes on level 8 while maintaining around 80% of my MHR. Last Saturday I was able to push myself for 45 minutes but I maintained a lower average heart rate. 

We had planned on going out for breakfast and going to see The Martian today but when Laura woke up she wasn’t feeling well and was extremely tired. She even ended up going back to bed to crash for another couple of hours.  

We spent the day binge watching Heroes so that Laura could rest. Around lunchtime I ran next door to the grocery store to pick up lunch for us. 

I took some time to roll out my back with my TriggerPoint foam roller and then used my Supernova to do some targeted glutes rolling. 

Even though we had a day of just hanging around the house, I was still able to surpass 10,000 steps for the day and will likely finish around 12,000 steps. 

I want to try accomplishing more of the HIIT workout that I did on Thursday. I’m hoping to get through more of the 2nd round than I originally did. I’m thinking of bumping up the time from 15 minutes to 20 minutes which would make it even harder. 

Tomorrow we have a lot of errands to run including surviving the madhouse that is always Costco. In addition to errands we will be doing a deep cleaning of our apartment since one of my best friends flies into town on Wednesday night. 

I’m hoping that we’ll still be able to sneak in our walk as a break in between everything that we have to tackle.