Day 424: And the Fatigue Sets In

This entire week I have only been getting around 6 hours of sleep since I have been waking up several times throughout the night. 

Thanks to having to drink multiple glasses of water right before bed while taking the chemo, it doesn’t exactly allow for a full night of sleep without waking up. 

I wasn’t dizzy when I woke up but have been feeling increasingly more fatigued this week. I’m not sure if it is a side effect of the chemo or because I haven’t been getting enough sleep. 

Today was the busiest day of meetings that I have had so far this week. It was also the most frustrating, unfortunately. 

Most days go smoothly and are a lot of fun but not every day can be like that and today was far from it. 

As soon as I got home I felt like a baseball bat of fatigue hit me as hard as it could. I could barely keep my eyes open and felt all energy drain from me. 

Instead of going to the gym I decided to lay down on the couch and give my body the time it needed to rest. Though I didn’t fall asleep I did rest until Laura called to say that she was on the way home. 

We managed to order $60 worth of takeout Chinese food tonight. It was delicious, as it usually is for the once every couple of months that we order it. 

Unlike the past couple of nights, we were able to finish eating earlier in the night so that I can time my anti-nausea and chemo medication properly.