Day 421: The First Hearty Homemade Soup of the Season

When I woke up this morning I decided to not workout because I had worked out three days in a row.

I am scheduled to work out, at least, the next two days (Monday and Tuesday) depending on whether we have our date night on Wednesday or Thursday. 

While Laura slept I watched the Jets vs Dolphins football game. Since the game was being played in London it was on by the time I sat down around 7:00a. 

I took time to continue downloading, logging into and organizing the apps on my new iPhone. Though it’s been two years since switching to Android, I still had all of my old apps waiting for me and then I just had to download the new apps that I needed. 

I find starting clean makes me evaluate all the apps that I have instead to avoid the inevitable clutter of apps that happens to everyone. 

Today we had a lot of errands to run but we left early thus allowing us to get through the lines faster and get back home quickly. 

It was a beautiful day outside so after lunch we went for our typical 5K walk up/down Communications Hill. 

I didn’t wear my rucksack because I didn’t want to put additional strain on my ankle. It isn’t sore after my cardio sessions on both Friday and Saturday which is a huge success. I’ll be curious to see how it feels tomorrow after today’s walk. 

We decided to make homemade chicken and brown rice soup tonight for the first time this Fall.  

Laura makes delicious and hearty soups. Not only are they fantastic for dinner but they freeze well thus giving us quick meals when we need them. 

Tonight starts my first night of the eighth round of chemo. Hopefully everything goes as smoothly as the previous rounds have. 

When this round finishes we will be 75% of the way through my year on chemo. We get closer with every round.