Day 420: Switching Back to iPhone from Android

It was another night of light sleep getting only 2.5 hours of deep sleep. Sasha and Darren started trying to wake me up around 5:30a but I managed to stay in bed until 6:30a when I finally got up.

My legs were already sore and tired from yesterday but my ankle was feeling fine. 

With Saturday typically being a longer cardio day I rode the elliptical for 45 minutes at a higher level than usual while trying to keep my heart rate around 75% of my MHR. 

I was able to catch up on the previous three episodes of the Spartan Up podcast which helped to push me through my cardio session. 

Laura and I headed back to downtown Campbell like we did last week so that we could have breakfast at Psycho Donuts which, by definition, make insanely good donuts. 

With both The Martian and Sicario out this weekend we knew we wanted to see one this weekend and the other next weekend. We figured that The Martian would be packed so we went to see Sicario which was a crazy movie about a Mexican cartel. 

When the movie finished we decided to go over to T-Mobile to see if we could get a better plan for the same (or less) than what we’re paying now. 

After seeing all of the options available to us we decided to make the switch. It also gave me a chance to change back to iPhone after being on Android for the last two years. 

I really like the Android platform but everything just works with iOS. I have had far too many headaches with the Android phones that I’ve had.  

I decided to get the iPhone 6s though as I get settled back in to using an iPhone again I may switch to the iPhone 6s Plus.  

The nice thing with T-Mobile is that they allow you to upgrade your phone up to three times per year meaning that I could swap out for the Plus with no issue. 

After not eating anything all day beyond the donuts we enjoyed dinner before coming home to watch TV for a while and so that I could start setting up my new phone. 

The cardio session coupled with the rest of the walking around I did for the rest of the day helped me to surpass 13,000 steps for the day. 

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to another Sunday filled with lots of football with errands stuck in the middle.