Day 419: A Numb Face While Doing Cardio

Even though I went to sleep 15 minutes earlier than usual and slept 45 minutes later than I do during the rest of the week, I only got 1.75 hours of deep sleep according to my UP band. It’s the least amount of deep sleep that I can remember getting since tracking my sleep. 

I’m not really sure why I didn’t sleep well except for having weird dreams. I went through my normal nightly routines, it was a great night for sleeping and I slept in. 

I worked from home today which seemed like a good idea for the first few hours of the morning. But, then while coming back from walking Sasha I saw a fire protection service truck and heard our building-wide fire alarm system going off. 

I have never been home when they tested the fire alarm system before. I will likely go deaf a few years sooner now because of how loud it was during the hour of the test especially since there are two units in our apartment that tie in to the system. 

The upside is knowing that the system works in case it is ever needed which will hopefully never happen. 

I had a dentist appointment mid-day to have some dental work done so the left side of my mouth was numb for the second half of the day. 

I received my chemo meds and there were no issues with the delivery which was nice. The neuro-oncology team called to let me know that my Day 28 blood levels came back where they like them to be so I have the green light to start my eighth round of chemo on Sunday night. 

Though the Spartan WOD dictated hill sprints, I chose to do intervals on the elliptical since that didn’t cause ankle and shin soreness earlier in the week. 

I boosted the elliptical two levels higher than I had earlier in the week and stretched it from 20 minutes to 30 minutes. I was completely drenched in sweat when I was done so it was a successful session in my books. 

Laura made her always delicious turkey burgers for dinner tonight. We’re spending the evening just relaxing and watching the season opener of The Blacklist, one of our favorite series.