Day 418: Tackling 75 Burpees

It was cool and rained overnight thus making it a wonderful night for sleep.

On my way in to work I had to stop to get my Day 28 blood labs taken care of. 

Sadly it was the last time having the phlebotomist who I’ve come to know over the last several months. He’s moving on to a hospital from working at Quest. 

Even though he won’t be there any longer, I have had the other phlebotomist that works in the mornings and she has always been very nice.

While sitting there it made me remember that I had not yet received my chemo medication this week.

When I had a break at work I called the pharmacy to check on the status. Apparently they had filled the prescription and had it ready for me to pick up instead of shipping it to me. 

Though it wasn’t a major issue like we’ve had in the past, it is still another example of the need to stay on top of your medical care instead of trusting it to others.

It was a very busy day at work starting out with a live event and webcast for Citrix Workspace Cloud

By all accounts it was a successful event and capped off 6-8+ weeks of weekly core team meetings in between all of our other work.

Following the event I had lunch with one of my team members and our Twitter account team. It’s always great to see them since they’re more than a vendor or partner, they have become friends.

Since I took last night off from working out, tonight I went to the gym to conquer last night’s planned workout:


  • Dynamic Warm Up

Main set

  • 75 burpees
  • 30 squat tosses w/12 lb medicine ball
  • 30 bodyweight squats w/12 lb medicine ball
  • 5 unassisted pull-ups

Cool Down

  • Stretch

I broke up the burpees throughout my workout. I started with an initial set of 15 then completed 5 burpees for every 5 squat tosses. I then finished off the remaining burpees after the 5 pull-ups.

I need to buy a sandbag or pancake to make the tosses harder. A 12 lb medicine ball just isn’t cutting it. It helps to keep my heart rate up but it isn’t hard for me to toss.

After a long week, I am looking forward to the weekend though I have a dentist appointment in the afternoon which is never that enjoyable.

Sunday will start the eighth round of chemo. Luckily it has timed itself perfectly as I won’t be on chemo when my friend comes to town or during any holidays.