Day 417: One Year Without My Slings

With the cooler nights it has been great sleeping weather, especially being able to wrap up in our oversized duvet.

My ankle wasn’t sore after my elliptical workout last night. During my workout I noticed that I was allowing my ankle to collapse in so I tried to be cognizant of it which hopefully helped. 

While yesterday was the one year anniversary of the staples from my brain surgery being removed, today was the one year anniversary of having my slings removed.  

I clearly remember the first night sleeping without my slings, going for a walk without them and various other firsts. Not only were they big accomplishments but they also created a sense of fear.  

My slings had become safety blankets for me, protecting me from further damaging my shoulders. With the slings gone I was scared for several days that I would do something to injure them again. 

My work day got off to a busy start with the re-launch of our company blog. It had been a couple of years listing ideas followed by a year of work.  

We fully upgraded our Wordpress install including migrating all 11,000+ blog posts, moved to fully dedicated AWS servers, designed it to be mobile responsive and a lot more. It took a full team effort and I couldn’t be prouder of everyone. 

As with any launch of this magnitude there were several bugs that were discovered that we had to work through and are continuing to work through tonight. 

After two days of back-to-back meetings I only had one meeting today thus allowing time to work with my team on the blog bugs, work on another launch tomorrow and start planning my team’s 2016 planning offsite in December. 

Instead of heading to the gym tonight Laura and I went out to dinner. It was the first night that Laura was feeling better so instead of going out tomorrow night I thought it’d be nice to get out of the house tonight.