Day 416: It Was One Year Ago That My Staples Were Removed

My right ankle felt better this morning when I woke up. It seems to be the cycle - two days of soreness and pain before it starts to feel better, as long as I lay off of it.

Who knows when I’ll get a chance to go have it looked at but it will need to be within the next few weeks, well before my GORUCK Light in November.

It was one year ago today that I had the staples from my brain surgery removed and that I received word from my neurosurgeon that I would be able to return to work part-time two weeks following. 

I had back-to-back meetings all day with the exception of a 30 minute break at lunchtime and around 20 minutes right before I left for the day. 

I try to make Tuesdays as packed with meetings as possible with the hope of giving me Wednesdays to focus on project work. 

When I came home from work I quickly changed and headed over to the gym for a cardio session. 

Spartan had a much harder WOD scheduled that included 100m and 400m sprints but I was nervous about my ankle flaring up again so I decided to do 20 minutes of interval training on the elliptical. 

It wasn’t as exhausting as the Spartan WODs but it still allowed me to work up a good sweat and was better than not going to the gym at all. 

There are many things that I miss about living in Marin County but one of them is the beautiful sunsets that we would get. Fortunately tonight we had the most breathtaking sunset that we’ve had since moving to San Jose. 

I spent a bit of time working on my Fantasy Football team before Thursday night hits. I typically forget about it until later in the week when it’s too late to spend time adjusting my roster. Tonight included making a couple of trades to hopefully improve my team going into Week 4. 

Laura wasn’t feeling well tonight so we have been laying low. I made her soup and crackers while I ran next door to Subway since we didn’t have any leftovers. 

Tonight our development team works on migrating our current blog over to the new blog including a new platform, new dedicated AWS servers and a completely new paint job.  

After nearly a year of working on this project I am very excited to wake up tomorrow and see it live (fingers crossed!).