Day 414: A Two Workout Sunday

I was able to sleep until a little past 7:00a before the animals finally woke me up. That is a monumental accomplishment since they usually start around 5:30a and continue on/off until I finally give in by 6:30a.

I slept for over eight hours last night, hitting a three day streak, but got under three hours of deep sleep.

Though I didn’t have as much energy as usual I took my pre-workout drink knowing that once I did that I would have to go to the gym.

Today I completed a core workout that I have tackled a few times in the past and still gets me every time.


  • Dynamic Stretching

Main Set

  • Overhead Alternating Reverse Lunge w/Side Bend (8 reps per leg)
  • Feet-Elevated Dumbbell Alternating Chest Press (8 per arm)
  • Medicine Ball Transfer (12 reps)
  • Offset Stepup Shoulder Press (8 per leg)
  • Mixed-Grip Inverted Row (8 reps)
  • Side-to-Side Glider Plank (10 per leg)
  • Single-Leg Straight-Leg Deadlift and Row (8 per side)
  • Weighted Half-Wiper (10 per side)
  • 1 minute rest

x2 rounds  

I would have liked to get through another round, as the original workout dictated, but my core was toast and it had taken me longer than I had anticipated.

We stopped at the farmer’s market to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables for the week before going to the grocery store for everything else. 

We stock up on our meat at Costco so in between those visits we buy anything that we have run out of or need in addition to what we buy there.

After having lunch, which included a delicious caprese salad, thanks to the fresh basil and an heirloom tomato that we had bought, we went for a Sunday walk. We haven’t gone for a walk in a couple of weekends mainly due to the extreme heat. 

Like I did last time, I threw on my rucksack with my 20 lb ruck plate and around 1.5L of water. It was a 3.3 mile walk including a few hundred feet of elevation on either side of Communications Hill.

I enjoyed getting two workouts in today which is something that I haven’t done in a long while.

My ankle was sore while walking up the hill initially but after it warmed up it didn’t seem to give me any other issues. I’ll have to see how it is tomorrow when I get home before my workout.

It only took me to get to the third week of the season but I will finally get my first win in Fantasy Football.

Tomorrow I have to get up a bit earlier than usual because we are hosting two training sessions for our shiny new blog that we are re-launching on Wednesday after nearly a year of work on it.