Day 412: Figuring Out Blood Work During Thanksgiving

The morning started out with getting my Day 21 blood work done which was quick and easy as usual. 

I talked with my phlebotomist about getting my Day 28 blood work done in November when we’re back in CT for Thanksgiving. As it is scheduled now, I will need to have blood taken on Black Friday to stay on schedule. 

I have my blood work done at Quest Diagnostics which is a national lab service so we both think it should be ok. I will need to check with the CT location to ensure that they can process the blood work efficiently so that the neuro-oncology team has a chance to review in time. 

I had a few back-to-back meetings including ones on Summit, our large partners and sales event in January, Synergy, yes it’s already started for next May, and both our Pinktober and Movember campaigns.  

Besides those planning meetings, I had several budget meetings and finance paperwork to take care of before day’s end. 

In the middle of the day I met Laura for lunch. Though I typically work from home on Fridays and try to have a lighter schedule, it is something that we haven’t done since moving down to San Jose. We used to have lunch occasionally when we lived in Marin County. 

Near the end of the day I headed over to the gym. It was my first Spartan-style workout all week and one of my hardest workouts in the past two weeks due to the industry analyst meeting last week and then the race on Saturday. 


  • Dynamic warm-up
  • Jump rope - 5 minutes

Main set

  • 150 jumping jacks
  • 15 burpees
  • 5-15 pull-ups
  • 15 box jumps
  • 50 sit-ups w/12 lb medicine ball
  • 50 bodyweight squats
  • 50 walking lunges
  • Elliptical - 10 minutes

Cool Down

  • Stretch

It was my first time in several weeks of doing rope during my warm-up. I had been choosing to either jog or cycle to give myself a break of jumping rope on a near daily basis. It was nice to do it again.

The original workout dictated a 1.5 mile run for time instead of the elliptical but I substituted the elliptical because I am cautious about my ankle(s) flaring up again. It was a good test to see how they would handle the cardio.

After a long week we’re laying low tonight with dinner at home and watching a couple episodes of “Heroes” as we continue to make our way through the series.