Day 411: Another Reason to Love Spartan Race

It was another beautiful night for sleeping even though I fell asleep a bit later than usual. 

By the time we came home from dinner, published my update and wound down it was around 11:00p. We typically try to wind down by 9:30p so that we can fall asleep by 10:15-10:30p. 

Though today wasn’t filled with back-to-back meetings, I still had several meetings throughout the day.  

With the end of the quarter coming up quickly, I had to spend time working through closing out my team’s budget, accruals and other finance paperwork.  

That was hampered, however, by a software issue that I ended up spending 45 minutes with IT fixing which means that I’ll now have to take time tomorrow to work on it more. 

I spent time relaxing when I came home while waiting for Laura. I hope that my ankles feel completely better by tomorrow after two days of rest so that I can workout in the afternoon.  

The finish line photos from the 49ers Rush obstacle course race were published but they’re low-res water-marked versions. To obtain the high-res digital versions they want you to pay for them which I’m not planning on doing. 

It is so counter to what Spartan Race as a company does and another reason why I appreciate them. Spartan freely gives away all of the photos to the racers as well as uploading hundreds of them to their Facebook page. 

If you just finished conquering one of/the hardest thing in your life and there were photos of them available, what would be the first thing you’d want to do? Share them with your friends, family, colleagues and community, of course. 

And every single one of those photos that you share has the Spartan logo in the corner of it. It is brilliant brand awareness on their behalf and is great that they provide the photos to the racers free of charge. 

Tomorrow morning I have to get my Day 21 blood work taken care of. After my Day 21 blood work is when our neuro-oncology team orders my next round of chemo.  

Hopefully this time (finally!) there won’t be any issues with receiving my chemo medications. Luckily, I’m not traveling so there won’t be the rush to get pills shipped to my hotel room like there was last time. 

I’m looking forward to starting the eighth round of chemo next Sunday so that it is yet another round that we can put behind us.