Day 410: Gearing Up for Day 21 Blood Work

The beautiful breeze of yesterday continued through the night thus making for a perfect night of sleep. 

Waking up in the morning has been increasingly hard for me over the last 2 weeks because of it being dark when I wake up. As with most people, it makes me want to just turn over and go back to sleep. 

My arms were starting to get sore from yesterday’s workout. The comments that came in from me posting about the 740 total reps were fun to read. 

I like to switch my workouts up and try new things. I didn’t realize that it would be 740 reps until I finished and counted them all up.  

My goal was to push my arms past the point of muscle fatigue and push my body past the point of exhaustion. Both of those goals were accomplished yesterday. 

Today was another busy day of meetings with only a 15-20 minute break to eat lunch. Fortunately I had around 1.5 hours at the end of the day to get some work done. 

Since I have done multiple upper body workouts this week while trying to give my legs a chance to heal, I decided to not go to the gym tonight.  

I’m still feeling a bit of discomfort in my inner ankles and also haven’t taken a day off from working out since Friday, the day before my obstacle course race. 

Taking today and tomorrow off will give my body a chance to fully heal before I go back to hammering on it come Friday. 

Laura and I went out to a really nice dinner tonight to break up the week. Usually we go out on Thursday or Friday night but decided that tonight sounded like fun. 

This Friday I go for my Day 21 blood work and then will go for my Day 28 blood work next Thursday before starting another round of chemo one week from Sunday. 

It sneaks up so fast because of having to have the blood work done twice then the week of being on chemo and then some of the lingering affects a few days after. But, we will be going into the eighth round which means only another four left once this one ends.