Day 41: Taking Time to Say Thank You

While overnight wasn’t as crazy as the previous evening, it was still hard to sleep. I can’t shake the loss of feeling in my left hand throughout the night.

What is interesting about it, though, is that I am now sleeping lightly overnight which is giving me time to process tasks and thoughts. In between yelling at Sasha for snoring or laughing at Darren as he settles in to sleep or knead, the past few nights I realized that I am actually processing info.

I’m not a fan of not sleeping well but if I’m going to have to be up fighting with my hand falling asleep, I mind as well be a bit productive!

I was able to sleep in for an additional 30-45 minutes or so this morning. Doesn’t sound like much but since coming home from brain surgery, that much of additional time is actually a lot.

Due to the water leak yesterday, maintenance had to send out a team to look at our roof. That sounded like a fairly simple task until they started banging around on our roof so loudly that it scared Sasha. That didn’t make my head feel good in the midst of waiting for the pain medications to kick in.

After that we had a normal morning ‘round here including going for a walk with the Sasha. Along the way she nicely bribed one of the maintenance workers for two dog treats while he stopped to talk to me.

I spent the majority of the morning watching people posting photos of their new iPhones. There is no filter on Facebook or Twitter. Unfortunately.

The late afternoon brought the second trip to the physical therapist this week. Today was spent in the pool working on shoulder resistance and overall balance. 

For shoulder resistance we worked with using basic water resistance and floating dumbbells. As we transitioned to overall balance we worked on pistol squats, walking up stairs and leg lifts going forward, backward and sideways.

We have 1.5 more weeks of passive physical therapy before we should receive thumbs up to start active physical therapy. That will not only include aquatic therapy but also start to work in resistance bands, medicine balls, light dumbbells and other equipment. 

While I was in physical therapy, Laura and her mom ran up to one of the restaurants that is part of the restaurant group that Laura works for to pick up food that they had made for us. That was dinner tonight and luckily we have more leftover for other nights coming up.

As we wind down the night, I wanted to make sure that I took time to say thank you. I haven’t taken the time to say thank you for the support since before the brain surgery but we are very much thankful. I read every Facebook message, comment, text and email that comes in. I try to reply or “like” as many of them as possible.

The continuing outpouring of support is incredible. It is something that throughout this entire ordeal we have never taken for granted.