Day 409: 740 Total Reps

After only having a single meeting yesterday, today was filled with back-to-back meetings with the exception of a short break for lunch. 

Long days filled with a lot of meetings require a certain amount of stamina and capacity to switch topics quickly, retain information and provide a variety of updates depending on the meeting. 

This, for me, is where Evernote is a lifesaver. I put all of my notes into it and spend time each week reviewing my notes, moving any action items that haven’t been completed into Todoist, my to-do list manager. 

Whereas it was 105 degrees yesterday, it was 75-79 degrees today with a beautiful breeze. 

Though it has greatly reduced since Saturday, I still felt soreness/pain in my ankle and shin area. I didn’t want to take any time off from the gym so I decided to try a high volume arms workout. 

After warming up I completed a 25-1 bicep curls x tricep pushdowns workout - 25 bicep curls x 25 tricep pushdowns, 24 curls x 24 pushdowns, etc until I got down to 1 rep per exercise. It added up to an astounding 740 total reps. 

When I came home I could barely lift my arms. My arms were shaking so badly while trying to drink my protein shake that I had to lower my head near the counter so that I could consume it easier. 

I wanted to spend time working on mobility tonight but I was so exhausted by the workout that I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow.  

Since so much of tonight’s workout used my shoulders I plan on doing a few shoulder mobility exercises when I get home from work. 

Tomorrow will be another day similar to today with back-to-back meetings though I will have a small block of time at the end of the day to run through a few projects.