Day 408: A Productive Day at the Office and Gym

To take a break from reading Gen. McChrystal’s autobiography, last night I downloaded the first three books in the Bourne series.

I wanted to read a new fiction book while reading the autobiography and, though I want to read The Martian which I’ve heard rave reviews about, Laura suggested the Bourne series so I decided to start with that. Being such a big fan of the movies I have always wanted to the read the series. 

I woke up very sore from the obstacle course race and my workout yesterday morning but the pain in both of my ankles had gone away.  

After an irregular last two weeks I was thrilled to have a normal Monday.  

Having an established routine provides guide rails for me to ensure that I’m tackling my priorities and staying on top of everything going on within the company, the industry and in my personal life. When that gets disrupted, even if I’m staying on top of everything, I still feel a bit out of sorts. 

The next two days I have back-to-back meetings so it was good to only have a single meeting today thus allowing me the chance to focus on everything else. 

When I came home from work I headed over to the gym. Though the pain in my ankles had gone away I decided to give them another day to rest. 

Since I was so exhausted yesterday that I didn’t work out my core, I completed the Spartan Abs 300 workout again today but substituted the burpees with side planks. 


  • Dynamic warm up

Main Set

  • 10 sit-ups w/12 lb medicine ball
  • 10 leg raises w/4 lb medicine ball between feet
  • 10 sit-ups w/12 lb medicine ball
  • 10 mountain climbers
  • 10 sit-ups w/12 lb medicine ball
  • 30 second plank
  • 30 second side plank per side

Repeat main set 3 times.

Cool Down

  • Stretch

After the gym I spent a bit of time looking into vacations for next year. We have no dates set as of yet but it is nice to start considering where we may want to go. Typically we go on vacation right after Synergy for our anniversary.

Even though yesterday when I published my update my fantasy football team was getting hammered, my team seems to have recovered and now may actually win this week because of how poorly Indianapolis is playing tonight.