Day 406: Completing the 49ers Rush Obstacle Course Race

It was nice to settle into bed last night and read for a while before falling asleep. I hadn’t been able to do it at all last week or this week so far. 

It is a routine that we have developed and I find that I don’t sleep as well when I don’t do it now. I won’t read business books before bed - strictly other non-fiction such as autobiographies or fiction books.

Reading before bed has been shown to help shut off the brain and for those who suffer from insomnia, it can help reduce it. 

Before leaving for the 49ers Rush obstacle course race, I spent quality time with my foam roller and lacrosse ball to help prepare my muscles. 

It was a really fun environment that they created. Certainly nothing like a Spartan race but, then again, it is hard to match a Spartan race. 

Before letting the runners go they had someone sing the National Anthem and had the Niners Noise drum-line performing. It was a cool way to get the race underway. 

The first obstacle was a timed 40-yard dash. I’m not sure how fast I ran it in but I know that the times will be posted soon.  

From there you continued down to the practice facility where participants completed a cone challenge, QB pass challenge, wind sprints with a parachute and a box jump followed by a dive to make a catch. 

After making your way back to the stadium, there was a dual-sandbag carry up and down a section of stairs followed by an endless number of stairs.  

Whereas the AT&T Park Spartan race had racers run up and down sections of the park at a time, this race had runners go from the ground level to the top of the stadium several times over. 

In between there were tackling drills, bear crawls, over and unders, box jumps, push-ups, lunges across the visitor’s locker room and more stairs. 

I finished the race in around 1:06. I had no expectations for a finishing time and figured that I would be right around the hour mark. 

Along the way I met a couple of fellow Spartans, one of whom I finished the race with. He is going to be completing his double trifecta. A trifecta is completing a Sprint, Super and Beast all in one season.  

We chatted with another Spartan racer for a bit before I walked back to my office where I had parked and headed home. 

Laura and I decided to go see “Black Mass” which is the movie about Whitey Bulger. I had wanted to see it since I saw the trailer because my grandfather has told me so many stories about Boston during that period of time. 

Though he and my grandmother have always lived outside of Worcester, he used to commute to Boston on a daily basis.  

We ran a couple of errands and then came back home to relax for the night. We’re binge-watching “Heroes” since we had never watched the series before and wanted to see it before the new series starts. 

We typically have a large lunch or order in on Saturdays since it’s our cheat day but tonight Laura made her baked macaroni and cheese with cherry peppers and bacon. We haven’t made it in probably close to 2 years so I’m really excited to enjoy that tonight.

Tomorrow it’ll be right back to the gym for me. I’m expecting my legs to be sore so am planning on an upper-body lifting session.