Day 402: Final Prep for the Industry Analyst Meeting

When I woke up this morning my core was considerably more sore than it was yesterday - delayed onset muscle soreness had fully set in.

The majority of the day was spent helping our team prep for the Industry Analyst meeting which kicked off tonight with a welcome reception. 

There are a lot of moving pieces that our analyst relations team has been working on for months and now, over the next couple of days, all of that hard work is coming to fruition. 

We had a late all-hands meeting and I had another work dinner to attend tonight so I was not able to get in my workout for the second day in a row.  

Though I completely realize that it has only been two days, the other part of my mind feels like it has been weeks upon weeks. 

I would have gone to the gym had I got back home earlier but I didn’t walk in the door until nearly 10:00p and I have to be at my office at 6:30a tomorrow so I’m already burning the candles at both ends this week. 

When we had down time from working on the Industry Analyst meeting, I worked with my direct team, many of whom are in town this week.  

While we use Slack, almost obsessively, it is really nice to have them in an office right next to mine. We’re able to collaborate on a project quicker, review documents together, etc. These are all things that my team is used to doing remotely since no one lives in the same area. 

As I mentioned, tomorrow I have a much earlier wake up call than usual. The one benefit is that instead of it taking me over an hour to get to work the past two mornings, tomorrow morning it should only take me 15-20 minutes. 

It’ll be nice when we get past this craziness and can settle back into our normal routine, including getting my workouts in and spending time with Laura at night.