Day 401: Spending Time with Our Global Team

It was a gorgeous night for sleeping, as most nights this week are forecasted to be. 

When I woke up I could already feel soreness in my core from yesterday’s workout. My shoulders and upper back weren’t as sore as I had anticipated which is always a good thing.

After working from home for a day, having Labor Day off and then traveling the rest of the week, it was nice to be back in the office today. Even better was having most of my team in town and the majority of our global team fly in.  

I try getting my team together once per quarter but we’re only to bring together the entire global team a couple times per year. The rest of the time is spent exchanging with them chatting with them over email or during meetings via GoToMeeting. 

This week we host our annual Industry Analyst Day therefore today there was a lot of last-minute work that everyone was helping our analyst relations team with. 

In between that stuff my team got together to work through a few things such as our booth experience for next year’s Synergy. Though it isn’t until May it is project that we have already kicked off. 

We finished the day off with a fun dinner with everyone at a local Mexican restaurant. Some of our team had been up for 24+ hours due to traveling from overseas. 

I didn’t have a chance to workout today but I expected that heading into this week. If my schedule holds then I will be able to workout tomorrow after work. 

I’m looking forward to running the 49ers Rush obstacle course race on Saturday at Levi’s Stadium. It is a 4.9k obstacle course that essentially simulates training camp. You have to conquer stairs, ramps, tire flips, back pedals, sprints, high steps through bungees, combine drills and running through padded gauntlets. 

Though it is nothing like a Spartan Race, it will be a fun opportunity to run around the stadium and on the field.