Day 399: Honoring 9/11 with My Workout

Two of my favorite things when coming back home from a trip, besides giving Laura a big hug: getting tackled by Sasha and sleeping in my own bed.

I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have hoped since we didn’t fall asleep until late and Sasha was sure to wake me up by 6:30a as usual. 

I really enjoyed last Saturday’s workout so I decided to do it again - rounds of sprints and burpees. Since I didn’t get to workout yesterday I wanted to honor 9/11. 


  • Dynamic warmup
  • Jog - 5 minutes (15 min/mile)

Main Set

  • Sprint - 5 minutes (~9:11 min/mile)
  • Burpees - 11 reps

x6 rounds

Cool Down

  • Dynamic stretching

I improved my sprint pace by 0:50 seconds and added an additional burpee to every round.  

Though a one burpee increase only amounted to six additional burpees, I was happy with the speed improvement. 

I have been able to run faster but not for long stretches or multiple rounds, typically only for 0.25 miles or so at a time. 

We went to finally see Straight Outta Compton. It was a fantastic movie. Not only am I a fan of hip-hop and rap but I also remember much of what happened throughout the movie.  

We picked up a movie to watch at home so that we could just relax tonight. We also decided to start watching Heroes since neither of us had ever watched the show when it was on TV. 

All in all it has been a wonderful Saturday back at home after a long, though extremely fun, week of travel.