Day 398: The One-Year Anniversary of My Brain Surgery

With not falling asleep until after 1:00a I only got 5.5 hours of sleep so it took a few extra minutes to wake up this morning.

I spent the first moments after showering reflecting on the past year. As I read through Facebook Memories and Timehop I couldn’t help but wipe tears away from my eyes. Hundreds of you were reaching out and hanging out in the “virtual waiting room” of Facebook, as it was being called, one year ago today. 

Before heading over to the Convention Center I read through my speech a few more times, tried my best to push aside the emotions and headed next door. 

The morning started off with an amazing keynote from Chelsea Clinton who discussed the research that she and the Clinton Foundation are doing. It was powerful and compelling. 

Right before taking the stage for my talk I received an email from my mother-in-law in which she noted that we were in pre-op at that time last year and how inspired she has continued to remain. Once again I had to try holding back tears. 

It was an honor to share my story with those who attended, including several dear friends. 

I received great feedback both in-person and via Twitter about the talk. It made me happy that many found the story inspiring and motivating. 

I have been asked several times whether there will be a video of the talk and, yes, there will be. HubSpot records and publishes all of the Bold talks. As soon as it is posted I will share it.

This was only the second time that I gave the Built Unstoppable talk and, while I was happy with it, there were major sections that I missed and wished I could have told the attendees. 

A good friend gave me critical feedback based on the transcript I sent her. It was excellent and exactly what I needed to help evolve this talk as I look to give it more in 2016, especially as I aim to publish the book by the end of next year. 

I am a firm believer in critical feedback. Some take it as a personal attack or are closed-minded, thinking that their work, whatever that may be, can’t evolve to be better. I have never understood that viewpoint.  

I hope to spend time this weekend working on the book proposal. I have many that have stepped up to help review it, search for an agent and submitting it to a publisher.  

After two speaking gigs in two cities over three days, I am on the plane ride home and very much looking forward to going out to dinner with Laura tonight to celebrate the one-year anniversary.