Day 397: Travel Woes

I didn’t have any event obligations today since I spoke yesterday so I decided to turn off my alarm before going to bed last night to allow my body to get as much rest as it needed.

I ended up sleeping for nearly nine hours while getting around four hours of deep sleep. It was exactly what I needed and it was good to give my body time to rest while I’m on chemo, especially while having to travel this week. 

I called the front desk at the hotel and the chemo meds hadn’t arrived. As I began processing how I was going to deal with it since it was so early in California, I received a call saying that they had just arrived. 

I’m really happy that they arrived before I checked out because it would have caused a lot of stress trying to figure out how I would get the medication before having to take it tonight. 

I spent the rest of the morning rehearsing my Inbound speech and making small tweaks. 

Once at the airport I came to find out that my flight to BWI was delayed by two hours which would cause me to miss my connection to BOS. 

Thankfully a friend of mine was on the same flight and he worked with the agent on several options for us. 

One involved us not getting into Boston until 1:00a by flying through Chicago.  

Another was us flying to Baltimore, holding over the night there and then taking a 6:00a flight out of Baltimore to get to Boston tomorrow morning. 

The final option was to fly to Baltimore so that we could fly standby on several flights leaving tonight.  

We chose that option, getting into Baltimore two hours later than we were scheduled to.  

After just missing our original flight by a few minutes, we were standby on the next flight which was delayed by an hour. 

We were able to get on that flight thus getting us into Boston three hours later than scheduled but still far better than the other options. 

When I walked into my hotel room there was an incredible welcome gift from Hubspot and the Westin Waterfront. 

It includes a quote that I use often, Spartan-logo brownies, a Superman-logo treat and other assorted treats. 

The pastry team at the Westin did a remarkable job and it will be something that I will always remember. 

I met a group of friends that I was originally supposed to have dinner with. They were having dinner still but because of the timing with my chemo, I couldn’t eat. 

It was one of the most fun get togethers in recent memory. There were a few friends that I haven’t seen since before everything happened. It’s always nice to get huge hugs from great friends. 

Tomorrow I give my speech in the morning before heading to the airport to shoot back home. It is a very short stay in Boston but one that has already been amazing.