Day 396: Still Waiting for Chemo Shipment

Though the time that the alarm went off was the same (6:00a), my body is functioning on home time, therefore it was 3:00a when my alarm went off. I decided to go back to sleep for an additional 30 minutes to give my body more time to rest before getting up to start the day.

It was a fun day getting to see many friends who I only get to hang out with a couple times per year. Many of them expressed how they have fought through various pains or struggles using our story as motivation. 

It still humbles me every time I hear someone tell me that. I am glad that going through everything we have has helped others tackle hard times in their lives. 

I spoke on a panel about FTC and legal issues related to social media. It was a wonderful group of attendees who were engaged and interested in the topic. 

I went to a small dinner that was organized by my friend, Tim Hayden, and the company that he works for, Zignal Labs. It was nice to sit there amongst friends over a great meal. 

It was one year ago to the day that my buddy, Scott Stratten, used the end of his keynote at this very event to ask everyone to send me encouraging tweets just ahead of my brain surgery. 

I remember sitting in the waiting room while going through a litany of baseline tests and feeling my phone getting increasingly hotter. 

When I finally could see what was going on I had hundred and hundreds of tweets from Content Marketing World attendees who had reached out to wish us luck with the surgery. 

Instead of closing his keynote with selling copies of his book or driving people to subscribe to his podcast, Scott chose to do that and I will never forget him for it. 

I was really happy that he could come to dinner with us tonight because it was the first time I have seen him in-person since then. 

When I got back to my room I called the front desk. It doesn’t look like my final night of chemo arrived, though they said it could be on their loading dock.  

I’m hoping that it is or else tomorrow will become a lot more stressful since I need the medication by tomorrow night.