Day 393: A 3 Mile Ruck, Swimming and Starting the 7th Round of Chemo

One thing that I love about holiday weekends is that it is a good opportunity to reset routines such as getting enough sleep. 

For the past couple of weeks I have been hovering near but usually below 7 hours of sleep, thus not consistently hitting my goal however I have blown past that goal the last few days. 

After yesterday’s workout my legs were sore today, especially in my ankles and hips. That was in addition to my upper back and shoulders becoming more sore than they were yesterday. 

I had a couple of emails and messages from good friends with encouragement and offering their help with moving the book forward.  

While many people have encouraged me to write a book about this journey, these are the ones who have continually reached out to me and gently kept prodding. 

Before Laura woke up I tightened up the outline for my Bold talk and started drafting the book proposal - both of which are very similar but the book proposal requires me to think through chapters and other information such as that. 

We only had to quickly stop at Target today since we had run so many hours of errands last week and I am traveling the rest of this week.  

With that done we decided to take Sasha for a bath at a nearby pet store where we had bought dog washes a few weeks ago as a donation to Bay Area police dogs to help buy them bullet-proof vests and technology for the cruisers. 

We wanted to go for a walk since it was a beautiful (but hot!) day. I hadn’t had a chance to test my GORUCK rucksack outside or with the hydration bladder in it yet.  

I loaded up the rucksack and we headed out for a 3.15 mile walk that took us a little more than 1:10 to finish. 

It was so hot outside during our walk that when we got home we decided to change into our bathing suits and go jump in the pool for a little while. 

For dinner Laura made a delicious Jamaican jerk pork loin with scalded broccolini and a combination of butternut squash and chickpeas.  

Tonight starts my 7th round of chemo. While every round has played out the same way with minimal nausea, loss of appetite and fatigue, it always makes me cautious going into the next round. I hold my breath a bit from the time it starts until it ends later in the week.