Day 389: Switching Up Date Night and Preparing for My Bold Talk

Though I still got within minutes of hitting my sleep goal last night, it was a fitful night of sleep, especially since Laura didn’t get a good night of sleep.

I had a busy morning of meetings but by the afternoon it had quieted down so I was able to pick my head up from one major project to see everything else that has been needing my attention this week. 

My right knee, which also happens to be my bad knee, was sore after my workout yesterday. That coupled with the fact that both Laura and I were exhausted, we decided to swap our date night from tomorrow to tonight. 

I will tackle today’s workout tomorrow night after work since the night of rest should help to alleviate the soreness in my knee. 

When I came home from work my next round of chemo had arrived. The new pharmacy that they’re ordering it from worked like a charm. They placed the order yesterday and it was here today. 

Oddly enough it came in yet another type of packaging. This makes the fourth type of packaging that I have received the pills in. Either way, they’re the same thing and have the same affect. 

I was scheduled to go into my office tomorrow but made the decision to work from home because the 49ers are playing a preseason game at home.  

Our campus is directly across the street from the stadium so it creates headaches when events are going on there. Typically they don’t affect us because they happen on the weekends. 

However, with the football game tomorrow night, the main roads leading to our campus will either be shut down or heavily congested; our overflow lot will be used for the game and the gates open an hour before I typically leave. All great reasons to just work from home. 

At some point I will have to run out to get my second blood test before starting my next round of chemo on Sunday night.  

This round will be a bit interesting since 3 out of the 5 nights I will be traveling. I have only taken one dose of chemo while traveling before and that was when I had to fly to our large company conference, Synergy, back in May. 

It shouldn’t be too bad but it will just mean that I have to be very cognizant of what time I eat dinner as well as the timing of any other night events going on. 

I have been working on my Bold talk coming up one week from Friday. I am more excited and more nervous than I have ever been for one of my speeches. 

I received an email letting the Bold speakers know that the room can accommodate close to 1,100 people. 

If the room is even half full for my speech, I hope that I am able to inspire some of them with everything that has happened over the past year.