Day 387: Being Shot Out of a Canon to Completing the Wrestler WOD

It was a beautiful night for sleep last night. I was able to get nearly 4 hours of deep sleep and didn’t wake up once except to shift around since the cat was sleeping on top of my feet all night.

I was shot out of a cannon from the second I woke up through to writing this update and I’m sure it will continue until I shut down for the night.  

We launched a major campaign today that had several sub-campaigns under it, including one that was designed on-the-fly this morning. 

When I came home, though I was still having to send/reply to texts and emails, I ran next door to the gym to get in one of the hardest workouts that Spartan prescribes: 


  • Dynamic warm up
  • Cycle - 5 minutes

Main set

  • 75 burpees
  • 30 forward squat tosses w/12 lb medicine ball
  • 30 bodyweight squats
  • 5 unassisted pull-ups

Cool Down

  • Stretch

I was able to complete the entire workout, including stretching before and after, in 36:30, even though it felt like it was double that based on how out of breath I was.

To make the workout more interesting I broke up the burpees by starting out with an initial set of 15 and then completing 5 more after each set of 5 squat tosses, 10 bodyweight squats and then finishing with a final set of 15 burpees after the pull-ups.

I was happy that I completed 5 unassisted pull-ups for the first time in a long while. I completed them with an underhand grip so that I had more assistance from my biceps.

The actual WOD also had 5 x 25’ bear crawls as the final exercise but since I had so much going on with work I cut that exercise out this time.

I came home to continue working on/off for the rest of the evening in between spending time with Laura and relaxing for a bit.

It was certainly a crazy Monday but I was happy that I was able to channel so much of it into my workout tonight.