Day 386: Running Errands and Taking a Nap

After several nights we were finally able to sleep with our windows open again last night. The window fan blocks out a lot of the road noise and helps the room get cooler than it ever can with the central air.

It was nice to take a couple of hours this morning to hang out, watch TV and play a video game before Laura woke up. In a couple of weeks that will be replaced with watching NFL pre-game shows - one awesome benefit of living on the left coast.

I took time to work on internal shoulder rotation exercises, thanks to a MobilityWOD video that had a few mobility exercises that I hadn’t tried before.

This was the first full weekend post-vacation which meant that we had hours and hours of errands to run today - car wash, farmer’s market, Costco, grocery store, Target, etc.

We had originally planned on going for our usual Sunday walk and I was planning on tacking my GORUCK pack with me but as we were watching TV we both were really tired and decided on taking a nap instead.

I don’t know why I have been tired enough the past two days to take mid-day naps. Yesterday I just fell in and out sleep for a while but after that happened several times this afternoon we ended up sleeping for 1.5 hours.

Though I have read several articles on the benefits of napping, I am not a napper. The only time that I take naps is sometimes during day 5 and 7 of chemo when the fatigue really kicks in at the end.

When I woke up I had to deal with a small fire at work that involved several team members. Of course, the one time that I take a nap is the one time that I wake up to two missed calls, two texts and 20 new emails. Fortunately two of my people on my team had already jumped in to help.

Tonight Laura cooked healthy spicy chipotle chicken tacos, a favorite Sunday dish of ours to make, and started to get ready for the week ahead.