Day 383: Making People Uneasy by MRI Talk

I was abnormally tired this morning when I woke up. Though I slept well, I think it was due to not going through my normal pre-bed routine which includes winding down and reading for a bit. Instead, I typed my update in bed and then crashed which is something that I try avoiding.

Today continued the craziness of the rest of this week. We have a lot of projects and launches over the next month so it is a feat just keeping the wheels on the train, never mind executing all of it. 

Though I felt like working out today, I ensured that I maintained it as my day off because I know that my body needs to heal so that no other minor injuries creep up. 

When I came home from work I took some time to just relax. Mondays through Wednesdays I come home, take care of the animals and immediately run over to the gym since I’m working against the clock of Laura leaving her office. 

Thursdays are my chance to watch a TV show or two that Laura and I don’t typically watch together, read or just cruise around online. 

Tomorrow I head up to UCSF for another MRI, blood test and appointment with our neuro-oncologist. 

Every time I talk about having to go for an MRI, those that I’m talking with get a little uneasy or their claustrophobia kicks in.  

What really gets them is when I explain that after laying down on the table, the techs put a frame/mask that snugly fits over my head followed by adding additional pads to make it even tighter. When I’m inside of the MRI I can’t move my head.  

I have learned when I can take a breath without ruining a scan (which I haven’t done yet). I also use a mirror that they set up on the frame so that I can look outside of the MRI. Typically I use it to see the timer on the outside of the machine that counts down each scan. 

I used to feel the same way about getting an MRI done and still do get a bit uneasy right before but knowing that I have to get them done on a regular basis for an infinite period of time meant having to figure out how to be ok with them. 

At least after all of that is finished it will be time to drive home, workout and get the weekend started. 

While we have a lot of errands to run on Sunday, it’ll be nice to just have a quiet Saturday with nothing to do.