Day 380: Becoming Even More Unstoppable with a Spartan Super Race

We were able to get home, settled in and into bed by around 11:30p last night which is only 1-1.5 hours later than our normal bedtime. Though vacation is always fun, climbing back into your own bed is heavenly.

I slept well throughout the night though I did wake up several times between 4-6a since my body still thought it was 7a. 

I try to keep my first day back to work post-vacation relatively meeting free to give me time to catch up and check in on everything however that was not in the cards for today. I ended up having back-to-back meetings, including a team lunch, from 9a-2p with only a 30 minute break thanks to a meeting ending early. 

I was finally able to charge my UP2 band again after it died while on vacation and I had left the charger in my office. 

I was excited to test my body when I saw today’s Spartan WOD. I purposely scaled it with their recommendations. I’m glad I did since I could barely move my legs by the time I was finished. 


  • Dynamic warm up
  • Cycle - 5 minutes

Main set

  • 1 round ladder band-assisted pull-ups (descending): 5-4-3-2-5
  • Between set of pull ups:
    • 10 bodyweight
    • 25 box jumps
  • Follow up with a 10 minute run + 50 sit-ups w/a 10 lb medicine ball

Cool Down

  • Stretch

The full workout called for the ladder to start at 10 and for the run to be between 2-4 miles however I scaled it to start at 5 pull-ups and only a 10 minute recovery run at a 12 min/mile pace.

During the final round of pull-ups I felt good after completing the first one so continued going until I hit 5 pull-ups.

This will definitely be a workout that I continue to use since it can be scaled up from where I started with it.

My legs were dead weights after finishing the 125 box jumps. I completed them on a 18” flat bench. It was the most box jumps that I have ever completed. I don’t remember my previous record but know it was somewhere in the 60-80 rep range.

After coming back home I signed up for my next Spartan Race - the Monterey Super coming up on June 4th. 

Spartan’s new slogan is #UNSTOPPABLE with their email about the race prompting people to “Be Unstoppable in Monterey” and therefore I had to sign up for it.

The Super jumps up to 8-10 miles and 24-29 obstacles from the 3-5 miles and 20-23 obstacles of the Sprint races.

I have never walked/jogged/run more than 6 miles so I will need to train a lot between now and June. I have already started receiving advice from other competitors who raced the Monterey Super earlier this year. I also hope to race a non-stadium Sprint before June so that I can be prepared for the mud.

It has been nice settling back into our daily routine as we are now relaxing for a bit before reading and falling asleep.